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Doom Eternal Sentinel Battery locations

Where to find these useful collectables within levels themselves.

Doom Eternal's Sentinel Batteries are a collectable found in a variety of ways.

You earn them by completing the three challenges outlined in each mission (you can see these during the level by visiting the Challenges tab). But they're also another secret to find in levels themselves.

Finding them all will grant you access to new items within the Fortress of Doom - from additional Modbots, Praetor Suit Points, Sentinel Crystals, to a couple of skins for your Doom Slayer.

Each one requires two Sentinel Batteries to find to unlock - meaning you'll want to find as Sentinel Battery locations as you can to speed up the process.

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Doom Eternal Sentinel Battery rewards

Once you've collected at least two Sentinel Batteries, make sure to explore the Fortress of Doom in between levels to unlock upgrades as the story progresses. These include:

  • 2 Modbots
  • 4 Praetor Suit Points
  • 2 Sentinel Crystals
  • Classic skin
  • Praetor skin
  • Sentinel skin

All eight upgrade unlockables can be found on the farther corners of your homebase. As we previously mentioned, each of them require two Sentinel Batteries, so make sure to plan accordingly. The same applies to all three skins for your Doom Slayer, although it's worth mentioning than these aren't the only ones you'll unlock throughout the game.

Classic skin

A modernized version of the ancient skin. Found on the exact opposite corner of the main terminal.

Praetor skin

Unlocks the Doom Slayer suit from Doom 2016. Can be found in one of the lateral extremes of the map, separated from the fortress.

Sentinel skin

Unlocks a classic apparel that is teased during the main campaign. Can be found in one of the lateral extremes of the map, separated from the fortress.

Doom Eternal Sentinel Battery locations

Outside of the mission-specific challenge Sentinel Batteries, here's where you can find all Sentinel Battery locations within missions themselves:

Exultia Sentinel Battery location

This one is really easy to find. Just before jumping into the portal and onto the new section, make sure to pick this Sentinel Battery up.

Cultist Base Sentinel Battery location

Another easy grab. You'll find it as you make your way to the quest mark right on the left corner.

In the first outdoor arena get close to the edge looking at the massive ship on the sky. Look on the right and you'll notice a platform on the distance, make your way there and punch the cracked air vent.

Once inside, punch the mechanism and the gates surrounding the bouncing platform underneath the arena will open. Jump from the ledge and use your dash to get back inside, get close to said platform and once you've gained enough height, double jump or dash to get to the Sentinel Battery.

Doom Hunter Base Sentinel Battery location

After finishing the first arena in the level, make your way to the centre of the map. From there you can destroy an air vent and get to the other side to pick up a Sentinel Battery.

In the area where you pick up the Red Keycard, make sure to make a turn downstairs to the right side and grab an additional Sentinel Battery to use in the Fortress of Doom.

Once you're on the second floor of the citadel where the massive structures are going up and down, hop on the one on the left and make your way around to pick up another Sentinel Battery.

Super Gore Nest Sentinel Battery location

After making your way towards the destroyed buildings once you're done going through the pools of lava, you'll come across a Sentinel Battery.

There's a lot of collectibles that require for you to have all three keys, and this is one of them. Go back to the big area outdoors with the massive flesh structure in the middle, unlock it and use the bouncing platform to gain height.

There's a destroyed building that seems covered with tentacles, jump there and follow the path below to find a Sentinel Battery.

In the underground area infested with acid, take a detour around the corner and climb up the platform to obtain a Sentinel Battery

Arc Complex Sentinel Battery location

As you're making progress towards firing the east turret and you come across the indoors room with the balconies, take the stairs and jump all across the room to obtain a Sentinel Battery.

There's a second Sentinel Battery located on an isolated corner as you're making progress towards the west turret.

Right before entering one of the last moments of the Arc Complex where the floor is covered in purple, make a jump and grab another Sentinel Battery.

Mars Core Sentinel Battery location

As you're making your way through the underground section with those long corridors, make a half turn and head towards the other end by jumping on the floating platforms. A new Sentinel Battery awaits for you there.

Once you're outdoors witnessing the massive hole you just made in Mars, make your way throughout the floating platforms and pick up the second Sentinel Battery in this mission close to the tower.

There's yet another Sentinel Battery up for grabs after using the escape pod, so don't miss it!

Taras Nabad Sentinel Battery location

Another easy collectible that becomes available right after beginning the mission. For this, let yourself fall from the first bridge onto the platform below, and punch the wall to pick up the Sentinel Battery.

Right after obtaining the crucible from the titan, you'll come across a hole in the ground. Just around it, make sure to pick up the Sentinel Battery.

In the first big outdoors area in the game, you'll notice a Sentinel Battery locked behind bars. In order to unlock this, go to the farthest corner of the area and punch the statue on its knee with a crack on the side.

Activate the button and you will now be able to access a previously locked room on the second floor. Grapple yourself to the wall, jump and punch the chains, and then proceed to grab the item.

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