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Leaked Bethesda roadmap reveals unannounced releases including Dishonored 3

Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel, Doom Year Zero also shown.

Dishonored 2
Image credit: Arkane/Bethesda

As part of the recent Microsoft leaks, a slate of Bethesda games - including several unannounced titles - have been revealed.

This sizable list was part of an internal Microsoft document from July 2020, which was issued ahead of the company's acquisition of Bethesda.

Along with games such as this year's Starfield and Redfall, the list also includes titles up until the end of 2024's financial year.

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Here, we see expected upcoming console and PC releases such as Elder Scrolls 6 and the company's Indiana Jones game, but some names included are yet to be officially announced by either Bethesda or Microsoft.

According to this now potentially-outdated leak, a new Doom game called Doom Year Zero was planned for sometime during the current financial year. This game is slated to have additional DLC released the same year, as well as another DLC planned for next financial year.

Another title that's yet to be announced is Dishonored 3. This was listed as coming sometime during next financial year (April 2024 to March 2025). This is reportedly the same year that Bethesda also has plans to release a sequel to 2022's Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The list also states that players can expect remasters of previous Bethesda titles, such as Oblivion and Fallout 3.

Eurogamer has asked both Microsoft and Bethesda for further comment.

Bethesda's leaked lineup

Other leaked documents from this recent spate of information include Microsoft's plans to launch a refreshed version of both the Xbox Series X and S next year, before it then releases its proper next-gen Xbox console sometime in 2028.

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