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New Xbox controller with swappable battery spotted in huge Microsoft leak

Set to launch in May next year.

A new Xbox controller, codenamed Sebile, has been spotted as part of the massive overnight leak of Microsoft documents.

Sebile, formally called Xbox Universal Controller according to the leak, is included in a hardware roadmap emailed internally on 5th February 2022. Sebile has a higher focus on sustainability as well as improvements in durability.

Sebile will also be available in the Xbox Design Lab, allowing buyers to customise the colours on the controller, with special and limited editions expected down the line.

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One of the most notable changes to the Xbox controller is a swappable, rechargeable battery, meaning if your battery dies you can simply replace it, rather than buy a new controller. Sebile will also be made with recycled materials and less resin, to reduce waste.

New modular thumbsticks and improved longevity are detailed in the hardware map in efforts to up the durability and reliability of the controller. Precision haptic feedback, VCA haptics which double as speakers, an accelerometer, and quieter buttons and thumbsticks are all listed as new immersion features.

The presentation slide detailing Sebile.

The controller will automatically wake up once lifted, removing the need to switch it on manually if you've let it go into sleep mode. Connectivity options are wireless only.

According to the leaked document, Sebile will release at the end of May 2024. It was set to be announced a bit earlier than that, but certainly not as early as September 2023.

The Sebile controller is one of many hardware plans Microsoft has lined up, including a mid-generation refresh of Xbox Series X and S before the next Xbox console, which is currently planned for a 2028 release.

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