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Newscast: The biggest Xbox leak in history discussed

Mid-gen! Next-gen! Microsoft buying Nintendo?

The leaked Xbox Series X redesign and controller, as Mario looks on.
Image credit: Microsoft / Eurogamer

This week on the Eurogamer Newscast, we're discussing what feels like the biggest leak of Xbox gaming news in history, which has left Microsoft's plans to launch new hardware in 2024 and a new console generation in 2028 exposed.

Next year's redesigned Xbox Series X is digital only, according to documents from 2022 that Microsoft presented to the FTC this year. It does not appear to boast a bump in processing power - something that gels with what Xbox boss Phil Spencer told me at Gamescom last month - but also ditches the ability to play older games on disc. How does that square with Microsoft's push for game preservation?

Looking further ahead, Microsoft has pinned 2028 as the year we'll finally see the Xbox Series X's proper successor arrive. Is that too late? And what does it mean that the console will support "cloud hybrid" games?

Joining me to discuss all that, along with leaked emails about buying Nintendo and the Xbox Game Pass release black hole left by Starfield's delay, are Eurogamer's Ed Nightingale and Liv Ngan.

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