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Net an Xbox Series X with Will of the Wisps Collectors Edition for just £450 at Game

An Xbox Series X console with a game and a controller case for no more than the console’s RRP.

Whilst we’re not yet in the full swing of Black Friday 2022 or Cyber Monday, there’s still plenty of good deals to be found.

One such deal is this offering from Game on a Xbox Series X bundle, which includes Ori and the Will of the Wisps Collectors Edition and a controller case- all for the console's recommended retail price of £449.99.

This bundle, and the others listed below, are all priced at £449.99, providing much greater value than nearly every other console bundle out there that usually has a price increase due to the additional games.

What’s included in these Xbox Series X bundles?

The Xbox Series X console.

Each one of these bundles from Game comes with the Xbox Series X console, a highly-rated game and controller case.

The Xbox Series X will enable you to play the latest games available on Xbox, as well as direct access to Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that opens up a wide library of games available on-demand, to download and play as many as you like as long as you’re a member.

As for the included games, whilst they aren’t the latest titles, they are worth playing and good to get you started on the Series X itself. It’s also worth noting that all three of these games are available on Game Pass, but if you're someone who prefers to own physical copies of games, or you don't want to start up a Game Pass subscription just yet, then these bundles are ideal. Another reason to pick up the Ori bundle is that it is a collectors edition, meaning it will include extra items that you can't access through Game Pass. With the price of these bundles in mind, you’re essentially getting a game for free.

In terms of the controller case, it is what it says on the tin – this will allow you to keep your controller safe and secure – handy to have for any spare controllers you have lying about, or if you intend to carry it to and from different places.

If Game Pass is somthing you’re interested in, Game do have a bundle with three months of the service’s ‘Ultimate’ tier – this will net you the ability to play games online and access to Game Pass on PC – but they are priced higher at just short of £483 – alternatively, you can take the Game Pass offer but opt for the less powerful, digital games only, Series S console instead, priced at £283.

We’d recommend the aforementioned bundles with the game included though, not only for the greater value, but also for the ability to fully own the games and not need to buy into a subscription service to continue playing.

If you'd rather wait to see if there will be any Black Friday Xbox deals, our dedicated hub is tracking discounts and bundles for the Series X/ S, as well as any cheap Xbox games, controllers and other related accessories. We're also keeping an eye out for any Game Pass deals during the Black Friday sales.

If a Series X isn't on your wishlist right now, we’ve been featuring plenty of other deals that you may be interested in, like this Nintendo Switch bundle from Currys and where to buy a PS5, plus a bunch of fantastic electronic deals – like £100 off this QHD Samsung Odyssey G5 144Hz monitor and this discount on a HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset.

To make sure you're in-tune with the latest deals and offers, be sure to also check out and follow our Jelly Deals Twitter page, where we post consistently with all the different deals we can find.

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