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Artist gives modern games a PlayStation 1 inspired cover makeover

Get drawn in.

An artist has taken some of the most popular games today, including God of War, Resident Evil Village and Uncharted 4, and mocked them up to have PlayStation 1 inspired covers.

This series of images was shared on Reddit by user M_S_1.

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M_S_1 said they took inspiration from the featured games' concept art for their covers, calling it "a bit more timeless" to work from. "A character render with modern graphics would look pretty jarring for the era," they explained.

These covers, that are just a bit of fun, cover exclusives to multi-platform entries. Here is a small selection of my personal favourites.

Naughty Dog's A Thief's End with a PS1 inspired cover.
A PlayStation 1 take on Ghost of Tsushima.
Doom Eternal with its PS1 cover.
This Returnal one really gives me a huge sense of the isolation Selene must feel on Atropos.

These are just some of my picks that I wanted to highlight, but you can see the rest of the images in the embeds below.

If you, like me, enjoy seeing games reimagined in a new way, check out these pieces by Rockstar Games artist Mark Scicluna.

Scicluna took some of the most iconic games of today and gave them a retro comic book inspired makeover earlier in the year, with everything from Metal Gear Solid to Crash Bandicoot included in their work.

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