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Jalopy creator's next game Landlord's Super hits Steam Early Access at the end of April


Landlord's Super hits Steam Early Access on 30th April 2020 priced £15.49 / $19.99 / €16.79.

It's the next game from MinskWorks, the developer of popular Eastern Europe road trip game Jalopy.

Landlord's Super, on the other hand, is a building simulation set in Northern England during the 1980s. The mines have closed, the locals are out of work, and it's up to you to build your way out of poverty and restore the hope of a community. Yes, this one wears politics on its sleeve. Mrs. Thatcher would have been proud.

Here's the official blurb:

"Landlord's Super is a first-person construction simulation set in Britain's murky midlands during the polarizing years of the 1980s. With the mines closed and unemployment sky-high, it's down to players to build their way out of poverty with hammer and spanner in hand. Mix cement, assemble scaffolding, order supplies and rebuild a community's hope brick-by-brick. Take odd jobs and explore abandoned homes or spend the day at the pub alongside a cast of local personalities and dodgy characters. Plan your actions in a living world around the time of day, major events, seasonal weather and your own wellbeing. Some days it's better to drink the day away than climb a scaffold in the rain."

For developer Greg Pryjmachuk, Landlord's Super is a personal project.

"Landlord's Super is about a Britain that's dear to me," he said.

"It's a Britain that's not just tweed and jokes about being posh; it's a Britain that's more diverse and more working class. I hope players enjoy this early visit West Berklands and I hope you'll stick with us as the game grows over the coming months."

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