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Of course people are drawing the PS5 controller as an anime girl

Just because you chan...

Perhaps it's just because everyone's stuck inside, but mere hours after the PS5 controller was unveiled earlier this week, fan art of the DualSense started appearing online - with many of the works taking heavy inspiration from manga and anime. You've seen Bowsette, you know where this is going.

Many of the fan art pieces reimagine the controller as an anime girl, with some opting for a cutesy look, others... something slightly more mature. In researching this article I have seen things that, frankly, cannot not be published on the site - nor should never be seen by human eyes. Still, I am quite a big fan of the girl who looks like she's come straight out of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It's not all anime girls, however, and quite a few people have gone down the robot route. Some have opted to make the DualSense a terrifying anime villain, while others have gone for cute cybernetic critters. Or, combining the two main themes to create a robot anime girl.

It's nice to see that some people are appreciative enough of the PS5 controller's design to create fan art - particularly considering the internet's immediate reaction to the unveiling was to photoshop the controller into, well, any other colour. I only wonder what creations will appear when the console itself is finally revealed.

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