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Acclaimed Castlevania-esque rogue-like platformer Rogue Legacy is getting a sequel

Good heir day.

Following an April Fool's Day tease that made its veracity uncertain, developer Cellar Door Games has confirmed that, yes, it really is working on a sequel to its superb Castlevania-esque rogue-like exploratory platformer Rogue Legacy.

The original Rogue Legacy, if you're unfamiliar, launched all the way back in 2013, and won immediate acclaim for its solid, procedurally generated action-platforming, bolstered by a compelling upgrade loop, and a nifty system that saw each subsequent play-through undertaken by one of your previous, now-dead hero's heirs.

Wonderfully, each new descendant was imbued with a distinctive mix of classes, abilities, and traits, combining to make each new play-through feel surprisingly, refreshingly different; new heroes might become tiny in stature or super strong, while others might be dyslexic (jumbling up all in-game text), colour blind (turning the world black and white), and a whole lot more.

The system worked beautifully, its brisk, more-ish runs being impressively replayable, and resulted in a game that still manages to feel fresh today, seven years after its initial release.

The original Rogue Legacy's heir system returns.

As for Rogue Legacy's newly announced sequel, Cellar Door has revealed little in the way of specifics, but we do know, based on the handful of work-in-progress screenshots shared, that it'll carry over its predecessor's heir system, even introducing new classes such as the Ranger.

And the visual update works a treat.

It'll also sport a rather fetching visual overhaul, retaining the first game's appealingly chunky aesthetic, but trading retro-styled pixels for a richer, more contemporary hand-drawn art style.

Cellar Door says it'll be sharing more information on Rogue Legacy 2 "in the coming days", and there's a tiny taste of the game's updated soundtrack to tide you over until then.

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