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How to read Memory Fragments in Rogue Legacy 2 with the ‘thousand whispers’ puzzle

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Memory Fragments in Rogue Legacy 2 are small blue orbs you will come across in your travels throughout the roguelite’s deadly castle.

When you first interact with a Memory Fragment, your character can hear a thousand whispers, but can’t make out a voice. This is because a special item is required to read Memory Fragments.

You need to read Memory Fragments in Rogue Legacy 2 in order to progress with the story, so finding the item needed to translate ‘a thousand whispers’ is essential.

If you’re looking for more help, our Rogue Legacy 2 best classes page can assist you on your runs.

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What are Memory Fragments?

Memory Fragments are small blue orbs that contain special messages, sometimes called Insights. These messages can help direct you the correct way to go in the story, unlock side quests that lead to helpful items, and grant damage bonuses against certain enemies.

Some Insights are noted in your quest log, and can be referred back to. Special Insights can even grant damage bonuses against each boss. These Memory Fragments tend to be hidden away in secret areas, like behind fake walls.

How to solve ‘hear a thousand whispers but can’t make out a voice’ in Rogue Legacy 2

To translate a thousand whispers and read Memory Fragments in Rogue Legacy 2, you need to find Aesop’s challenge ‘Inner Demons’, solve the puzzle within, and receive Aesop’s Tome.

Aesop’s challenge is started by finding a large statue with an item in front of it. The room will glow green to indicate you’re in an area with a puzzle challenge.

As the game features a randomly generated map for every run, the location of Aesop’s challenge is always shifting. Thankfully, it never leaves Citadel Agartha, the first, and easiest, area in the game.

You can force Aesop’s challenge to remain in the same location by buying the Architect, who can lock down world states, preventing the Kingdom from changing. This takes 30 percent of all the gold you find in the next run. A higher percentage of gold is taken if you lock down the same world multiple times, eventually leading to picking up no gold at all.

You can switch between a locked or randomly generated Kingdom at the beginning of any run, so it’s recommended to use the Architect if you want to find Aesop’s challenge to read Memory Fragments as soon as possible.

Unlike the Kingdom, challenges are not randomly generated. So, even if you don’t use the Architect to lock down the world, Aesop’s challenge will always remain the same.

You must read Memory Fragments in the challenge and follow their instructions to reach the end and receive Aesop’s Tome. This then lets you read all of the blue Memory Fragments found throughout the Kingdom.

How to complete Aesop’s challenge ‘Inner Demons’ puzzle

Once you agree to take Aesop's challenge, you will be transported into a separate puzzle area. Jump to the bottom to find the first Memory Fragment. Within Aesop's challenge, you can now read those 'thousand whispers', and they will help guide you.

First phase

Follow the first Memory Fragment's advice, and jump down the invisible platform under the Fragment. The next section involves a lot of precise Spin Kicks. Line up your jumps in time with the swinging red lanterns to Spin Kick your way to the top and teleport to the next location.

Second phase

In the next area, Spin Kick and Dash across the top platforms until you reach red lights. Be careful, as any Spin Kick or attack (even opening doors) will cause a projectile to fire in your direction. Archers can stand in non-red areas to aim their shots at doors before traversing. Other classes can try to Dash in order to avoid the projectiles instead.

After coming across another Memory Fragment, you will gain the ability to calm the red orbs called Nightmares. Make sure to do this before hitting any more doors or performing a Spin Kick in the red areas.

Third phase

The final area of Aesop's 'Inner Demon' challenge is a combat section. Remember to calm the Nightmares before attacking during the first wave.

For the second wave, you can Dash to calm the Nightmare, but it's easier to jump between platforms and let the enemies die on the spikes below.

The third wave contains a lot of enemies, but it's actually the easiest part. Just jump all the way to the small bottom platform to destroy the fragile platforms on the way. The enemies will fall on the spikes and the wave will complete.

Wave four spawns a lot of enemies in short bursts, but just remember to calm the Nightmare in the middle before attacking. Once you defeat all the enemies and teleport again, walk all the way to the left and pick up Aesop's Tome from the top of the statue.

You can now translate the 'thousand whispers' in the Memory Fragments and unlock more Insights!

If you’re looking for more help, our Rogue Legacy 2 best classes page can assist you on your runs.

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