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OlliOlli devs Roll7 just released a whole new game for free

Introducing RunMe!

If you're looking for a way to kill time during the ongoing lockdown, Roll7 might have just the thing for you. The studio behind Laser League and OlliOlli have just released abstract puzzler RunMe for free, and it's available to download now.

It's a PC-only joint and is the work of creative director John Ribbins, with its origins emanating from a demo the studio put together back in 2018 that was then polished up before being shopped around to publishers. As such what you're playing isn't quite complete, but there's more than enough there to get your teeth stuck into - I've had a little tinker and the aesthetic, feel and flow of the thing is just sublime, as you'd probably expect from a studio with roll7's pedigree.

You can get hold of RunMe, for free, over here - the only real requirement is a three-button mouse, and I'm sure it'll run on most rigs. And also it's definitely worth a bit of your time.