Laser League

A sharply designed, smartly executed future sports game that matches simplicity with serious depth.

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Laser League review - an instant modern-day multiplayer classic

Forget the name, first off - it's the only foot developer roll7 really puts wrong in this, the latest from the team behind OlliOlli, and perhaps the studio's most ambitious project to date. Laser League invites awkward comparisons to Rocket League, and given how this is also a straightforward yet deceptively deep multiplayer experience, it's too easy to dwell on that. To make that assumption is to miss the point, though, and it sells what roll7's concocted here more than a little short.

Laser League

Developer: roll7

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Feature'Going up against Fortnite and PUBG is just incredibly hard'

The difficulties of launching a multiplayer game in an age of two behemoths.

There's never really been an easy time to debut an online-focussed multiplayer game on Steam, but the past few months have suggested there's never really been a more brutal one. PUBG and Fortnite rule all, leaving high profile casualties such as Lawbreakers in their wake while many more smaller games have suffered. And into that, roll7 - the developer of the brilliant OlliOlli, its sequel and Not a Hero - has made its first ever multiplayer game in the future sports title Laser League.

Roll7's Laser League discounted for Early Access launch

We're a little late to this, but it's absolutely worth noting that Laser League, the up-and-coming future sports game from OlliOlli developer Roll7, is now available via Steam Early Access.

And, to celebrate, its standard price of 10.99 has been knocked down to 7.69 until next Thursday, 15th February.

It's a sci-fi sport for teams of up to four people. You players fight to control of nodes and dodge lasers and it's all a bit Tron. Oh, and since its launch on Steam Early Access yesterday afternoon, it has been doing pretty well in the store's charts.

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Roll7's Laser League is getting an open beta this week

Laser League, the all-new future sports game from OlliOlli developers Roll7, is getting a PC open beta this coming weekend.

The beta will run from Friday January 26th at 5pm GMT through to the early hours of Monday January 29th (at 6am GMT, to be precise), and will be freely available to download on Steam. It's a fairly generous beta too, featuring some 12 maps and 6 character classes. You'll be able to partake in online multiplayer, as well as getting access to special abilities, modifiers and some of the character customisation (your progress will be wiped, though, before Laser League's final release).

It's also a decent chance to sample a game that, if everything shakes out, could rival Nidhogg and Towerfall as a modern multiplayer great. Laser League places players in 3v3 or 2v2 bouts of taut and neatly designed future sports action, and when I got the chance to play it last year it left me a little breathless.

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If you're after some measure of whether Laser League - the all-new future sports game from OlliOlli developer roll7 - is any good, then consider this. Promotional banners are being furled up and packed away at a preview being event held in a windowless sticky-floored east London sports bar where the toilets have no lights, it's impossibly hot and I should have left for home two hours ago. I can't tear myself away, though, and neither can the other five strangers squeezed into two sweat-sodden sofas, because things are getting serious.