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As Fallout 76's big new Wastelanders update moves in, some player camps will have to move on

Pack your bags.

Fallout 76's big new update, Wastelands, launches next week, and with it comes sweeping changes to the game.

NPCs, story, new quests and new locations are all set to significantly change virtual Appalachia. In a blog post, Bethesda warned the new locations will occupy some parts of the map that were previously available for players to build the camps - and if they're not moved before the update, the game will tell players their camp can no longer be placed when they next log in.

You'll get a free camp move, though, which is welcome. The first time you move your camp it costs you just 5 caps, but each time you move it afterwards the price goes up.

Some players have spent a lot of time and energy building their Fallout 76 camps, so having to up sticks and move will be annoying. But the Wastelanders update looks like it'll improve the MMO significantly, so it's for the best.

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To help players plan, Bethesda released a map of the world with no-camp zones marked. However, some of these zones may be a bit larger or smaller than their highlights on the map, so players aren't entirely sure whether they will be evicted or not.

"Looks like I'm safe," redditor xOsibis6 wrote in a post on the Fallout 76 sub. "I've been worried as hell I was gonna lose my trusty home I've had set up since BETA."

"The camp I've had and upgraded since beta on the shores of the empty lake west of the Whitespring is either going to be right next to a new location or have to be moved," Stupid_Ned_Stark said. "Gonna wait and see, I guess."

Wastelanders goes live on 14th April.