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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season three adds Warzone quads, vehicle skins and the dog from Ghosts

In brief.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's season three kicks off today, and with it comes a raft of new content.

The highlight for Warzone fans is the addition of quads in both Battle Royale and Plunder. This means you can team up with up to three players for a squad of four.

New modes are coming to Warzone, including Scopes and Scatter Guns - an only sniper rifles and shotguns mode. An overhaul for ground loot is coming. Every weapon type will have a silenced and non-silenced variant. New weapons and blueprints will be added to supply boxes, too.

Cover image for YouTube videoCall of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Season 3 Trailer

On to Modern Warfare multiplayer. Three new 6v6 maps are included in season three. Talsik Backlot, the remaster of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map Backlot that was revealed as part of an extensive Call of Duty datamine, is confirmed. Hovec Sawmill appears to be the datamined map fans thought was a remake of Village from Modern Warfare 3. This three lane map is indeed set in a sleepy farming village, complete with butchery, mess hall and even a beekeeper's area - with active hives.

And finally Aniyah Incursion, a small 6v6 version of 10v10 and Ground War map Aniyah Palace. Aniyah Palace is for many players one of the worst maps in Modern Warfare. It's way too big for most of the game modes attached to it, and it takes players too long to get back into the action after death. So, a smaller version is certainly welcome.

Now for the season three battle pass, which includes two free new weapons at tiers 15 and 31: the Renetti handgun and the SKS marksman rifle. (Both these weapons were found in the datamine.)

If you buy the battle pass you get a new operator, Alex from the campaign (Alex's return was teased earlier this week). Alex returns with a prosthetic leg after his heroics at the end of the Modern Warfare story. You can play as him when you buy the season three battle pass or battle pass bundle, which includes 20 tier skips.

The Allegiance side doesn't have a new operator yet, but tier 0 also unlocks a new shirtless skin for Yegor "where he shows why he's considered a man of nightlife and excess".

Stay frosty, Yegor.

Later in season three, we'll see two new operators. Ronin we already know about. Iskra is a new allegiance fighter in the Chimera division.

Other season three stuff: vehicle skins in Warzone, the first of new distinct operator threads modeled after various armed forces divisions. These 'mil-sim' skins include the US Expeditionary Force (Tier 10), the South Korean Special Forces (Tier 30), Pararescue (Tier 50), and the Counter Terrorist Special Police Force.

And finally, buying the battle pass unlocks a finishing move that involves Colin, the playable dog from Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts. Remember him?