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Animal Crossing: New Horizons' big character and event-stuffed update arrives this week

Leif! Redd! Reese and Cyrus! Rover!

Nintendo has detailed this week's big new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, which will add an array of new characters and events to the game.

It will be available to download for free this Thursday, 23rd April.

Reese and Cyrus, roomates and business partners.

From then, nature-loving sloth Leif will appear as a travelling merchant, and will sell new shrubs and flower seeds to decorate your island.

Meanwhile, the mafia-connected Redd will show up in a rusty boat to sell questionably obtained artwork and sculptures, along with uniquely-coloured furniture. As in previous games, you'll have to spot forged artwork or risk buying a fake.

As previously found by fans within the game's code, artwork will then be shown off in a new section of the town's museum. But only legitimate artwork!

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Four timed events will take place through the remainder of April, May and June, the first of which - Nature Day - kicks off alongside the new update.

Nature Day will run 23rd April to 4th May and offer Nook Miles challenges for gardening-related activities.

May Day Tour will run 1st May to 7th May and let you hop onto a specially-crafted island tour where a "special visitor who looks familiar might also be there". Is this Tortimer's retirement island? Sadly, no, the trailer below reveals this to be Rover.

International Museum Day, which is apparently a thing, will be celebrated from 18th to 31st May. A stamp card will be given out for visiting museum exhibits, which will let you earn an in-game reward.

Finally, from 1st to 30th June, the game will celebrate Wedding Season (sssh, don't tell Nintendo). Harvey's Island will host married couple Reese and Cyrus who will reward you with items for helping them arrange and take anniversary photos. Bless.

Next up, Brewster please Nintendo thank you.

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