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Blizzard slaps "big dick" Overwatch streamers with $1k fine

Not safe for Winston.

A pair of professional Overwatch streamers have been slapped on the wrist by Blizzard for using "inappropriate chat during a league match".

Neither Los Angeles Valiant's Jung-Won "Lastro" Mun or San Francisco Shock's Dong-Jun "Rascal" Kim apparently realised their messages were publicly viewable when they typed "big dick", "big dick cccx" and "sex" to each other during a recent match (thanks, Loadout).

Unfortunately for the pair, these messages could be seen not just by teammates, but by shoutcasters and everyone else watching on the public stream. Screenshots of the chat show their fellow teammates reacting in surprise and dismay when they spot the not-so-private chat taking place.

Both players must now pay a $1000 fine.

Blizzard's ban log lists no other punishments for the pair, who can now return to play immediately.

Hopefully both players have now learned their lesson that this is knob laughing matter.

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