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Overwatch 2 release time, and when Overwatch 1 is shutting down

When to say farewell to the original Overwatch - and hello to its sequel.

The Overwatch 2 release time comes the day after the shutdown of Overwatch 1.

It's rare you see one game end and its sequel begin in just over 24 hours - but Blizzard's approach is designed to see its entire community transition from one game to another.

For Overwatch fans, it's a bittersweet week - so here's the Overwatch 1 shutdown time so you can fit in one final match, before playing the Overwatch 2 release shortly after.

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Overwatch 2 - Seasonal Content Vision.

Overwatch 2 release time: When does Overwatch 2 release?

Overwatch 2 will release on Tuesday, 4th October at the following launch times on both PC and console:

  • UK: 8pm (BST)
  • Europe: 9pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 3pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 12pm (PDT)

Blizzard says the above times are approximate. This being a live game, it's possible things might be delayed - so prepare for times to slip a little while the finishing touches are being made.

Overwatch 2 release times

While you wait, new players should create a Battle.net account if you haven't already, and set up two factor authentication. This is a requirement across all platforms - including on consoles.

If you are new, know that you have to play 100 matches to unlock the entire roster. For returning players, the entire roster will be available to you right away. There is a new Battle Pass system to learn, however - here's Bertie with everything you need to know.

New hero, Kiriko.

If you are already an Overwatch player, then you can begin to merge your progression from the original game into the sequel, even if you are switching platforms. Here's the official blog post for how it works.

You can also start pre-loading ahead of time so you can start playing as soon as servers go live...

Overwatch 2 pre-load times and size

Ahead of Overwatch 2 launching, you can start pre-loading the game, meaning you can hit the ground running once the release time rolls around.

Pre-loading on PC is available now, while on consoles they go live at the following times on Tuesday, 4th October in the hours leading up to release:

  • UK: 5pm (BST)
  • Europe: 6pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 12pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 9am (PDT)

Meanwhile, the download size will be around 50 GB on PC, and around 30 GB on console.

Overwatch 1 server shutdown time: When is Overwatch 1 shutting down?

UPDATE (October 4th, 9am): As planned and on cue, Blizzard shut down Overwatch 1's servers. Attemping to log in gives you a message that Overwatch 2 is on the way. You can watch the moment Overwatch went offine for good below - as reported by Matt Wales last night - as well as the many ways players said goodbye in their own way.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Unlike previous Activision Blizzard games - such as Destiny, Call of Duty or Diablo - the original Overwatch's servers are being shutdown on Monday, 3rd October ahead of the free-to-play sequel.

The downtime between games is fairly short, however - so you won't have too long to wait. If you want to fit in one final match, then the Overwatch 1 server shutdown times are as follows:

  • UK: 5pm (BST)
  • Europe: 6pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 12pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 9am (PDT)

Blizzard says the above times are approximate - so it's possible you might be able to cram in one or two more sessions after the above. Either way - worth getting in some final playtime now.

Know that as an owner of the original Overwatch, you will recieve the Founder's Pack - unlocking new hero Kiriko, as well as having access to all other heroes automatically.

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