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Pokémon Go Souvenirs list and how Souvenirs work explained

How to get generous gifts from your Buddy.

Souvenirs are a specific type of item in Pokémon Go introduced at the end of 2019 as part of the Buddy Adventure update.

Once you reach a high enough Buddy level - Ultra - you'll unlock the ability for them to gift you Souvenirs.

These are items with seemingly no other purpose than to be collected, and are trinkets for you to gather and collect over time.

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How to get Souvenirs in Pokémon Go

First, make sure your Buddy level is an Ultra Buddy, which unlocks two perks - Find Locations and Find Souvenirs.

From this point on, your Buddy will give you a Souvenirs at random. They are presented and collected in the same way Presents (a previous perk from levelling up your Buddy) are, with a bundle appearing on the Buddy screen that can be opened when interacted with.

While Presents give you common consumable items, such as Berries, Souvenirs are new items that, at the time of writing, have no other purpose than to be collected.

There's no way to trigger a Souvenir appearing aside from using your Buddy on Adventures day-to-day. Our experience suggests they are rarer than Presents - while we on average receive one Present from our Buddy per day, Souvenirs seem to arrive at the rate of one or two per week.

When you receive one, can see the Souvenirs you have collected towards the bottom of the Buddy screen, which expands out into a wider list.

It's worth noting any souvenirs found are specific to that Buddy - so if you swap Buddy, you have to build a collection for them as well.

Pokémon Go Souvenirs list

There are a total of 15 Souvenirs available in the game. Though some are rarer than others, you have no control over the Souvenirs you are gifted, and duplicates are possible - so it's just a case of waiting until your Buddy finds them all.

Pokémon Go Souvenirs list

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What else do you need to know about Souvenirs in Pokémon Go?

Souvenirs are fairly straightforward - in short, they arrive at random and are essentially collector's items - but there are some other details that might be of interest:

  • Collecting a Souvenir will give you a Bonus Heart for that day. Other Buddy perks, such as Presents and finding interesting locations recommended by your Buddy, will give you additional Bonus Hearts too.
  • On the Souvenirs screen, you can tap each one to read a description of what it is. These descriptions suggest Souvenirs are both gifts created by your Buddy (such as the Small Bouquet of flowers) and found (such as the Marble and Lone Earring).
  • If you receive more than one of the same Souvenir, the date and location of each will be listed underneath their description.
  • It's possible to receive both Present and a Souvenir on the same day.
  • If you're worried about bag space, don't worry - Souvenirs don't take up any room!

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