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Infinity Ward adds trios back into Call of Duty: Warzone following backlash

Third company.

Infinity Ward has added trios back into Call of Duty: Warzone after players complained about its removal alongside the arrival of quads this week.

Warzone received a quads mode, which lets four players team up in the battle royale, as part of season three of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but Infinity Ward pulled trios at the same time without warning or explanation.

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While the addition of quads was welcome, the removal of trios did not go down well, and players took to social media, forums and the likes of reddit to express their disappointment.

Now, just a few days after trios was pulled from Warzone, it's back via a playlist update that went out on 10th April.

It means Warzone now has solos, trios and quads - but not duos. But it does look like duos is coming to the battle royale at some point during season three. This week an update to the official Warzone website briefly revealed an image mentioning duos as well as quads before it was pulled.

Warzone now has over 50 million players, which is a pretty impressive figure for the free-to-play standalone battle royale.