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Annapurna Interactive's apocalyptic coming-of-age visual novel If Found is out in May

Heading to PC, Mac, and iOS devices.

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind the critically acclaimed likes of What Remains of Edith Finch and Outer Wilds, has announced that If Found, its visual novel about "going home, coming out and erasing everything", will launch on Steam, Mac, and iOS on 19th May.

If Found is the work of Irish developer Dreamfeel, and its story begin (or perhaps more accurately, ends) on 31st December 1993, on the night that a black hole threatens to destroy the world. Here, in the remains of a dilapidated mansion on Achill Island, County Mayo, a young woman named Kasio destroys her diary - erasing memories of her return home to Ireland, "her conflict with her family, the friends she makes, and the challenges she goes through".

As you'd expect given its "visual novel" label, If Found is a predominantly text-driven narrative adventure, albeit one that's ably supported by some wonderfully striking, lightly animated visuals - blending a range of elements, from pencil sketches and ink to water colour - as Kasio revisits, and relinquishes, her past in the face of her rapidly diminishing future.

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It's certainly an intriguing proposition, and Annapurna Interactive has, of course, demonstrated exceptional taste in its publishing choices so far, immediately making If Found one to keep a close eye, I'd say. It'll be available on Steam and the App Store on 19th May.

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