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Annapurna Interactive's If Found arrives on Nintendo Switch next week

One for the diary.

Apocalyptic coming-of-age and coming out visual novel If Found launches for Nintendo Switch next week, on 22nd October, courtesy of publisher Annapurna Interactive.

It's the story of Kasio, a queer Irish trans woman who sits down to destroy her diary at the end of the world, seeking to erase her secrets before the universe does first.

Dr Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston previously examined If Found's key storytelling mechanic - the rubbing out of the diary using a literal eraser - in detail for Eurogamer:

"It feels almost sacrilegious to erase Kasio's most personal thoughts (and lead artist Liadh Young's gorgeous illustrations)," Houston wrote, "and this sense of consequence helps to elevate what might otherwise have been a passive means by which to advance the narrative into something that meaningfully implicates the player in the game and its world. Crucially, however, rather than consigning Kasio and her friends to invisibility, the more the player erases, the more clearly (and queerly) Kasio and her friends come into view."

Previously released for iOS, Mac and Steam, this new Switch version of the game will add fresh artwork and extended narrative sequences, including a bonus epilogue chapter.

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