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EA to support Natal/PS3 wand next year

Riccitiello "really positive on both".

EA boss John Riccitiello plans to support both Microsoft's Natal and Sony's PS3 wand, and will reveal exactly how "early-to-mid-2010".

"We're really positive on both," the silver-haired fox told money men during a Q1 financial call. "Our view is that motion-based gaming is something that is both going to drive install base, drive interest and drive growth.

"We're planning to support both," he added. "We haven't yet announced our plans to do so, but we shall do so in the right time-frame for that, which is likely to be early-to-mid-2010."

Riccitiello's comments fall inline with suggestions that Microsoft will launch Natal towards the end of 2010, although no date has yet been announced. Sony, on the other hand, plans to launch the PS3 wand next spring.