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More than 9m Xbox 360s in Europe

Euro boss hoots about numbers.

Microsoft has sold more than nine million Xbox 360 consoles in Europe according to local boss Chris Lewis.

"Our installed base is now well over nine million in Europe, where we enjoy about 27 per cent of the current share of the console market," the Microsoft exec told MCV.

"This calendar year, we're the only console showing positive growth. That's 22 per cent on the first half against a market that is down to a similar margin overall. So we are bucking that trend."

Microsoft shipped 11.2 million Xbox 360 consoles over the financial year that ended on 30th June 2009, the company said in its latest financials, although gaming revenues took a dip.

More than 30 million of the consoles have now been sold worldwide, according to reports, compared to 23.8 million units of its rival the PlayStation 3, which launched a year later.