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Sins of a Solar Empire expands next year

Beta this autumn, release winter 2010.

PC space strategy epic Sins of a Solar Empire will get its second mini-expansion early next year, according to a post on publisher Stardock's Impulse digital distribution network.

The Diplomacy expansion does what it says on the virtual tin - increases the diplomatic, peaceful routes to galactic domination available to players. It's expected to go into beta testing this autumn, with release to follow in the winter 2010 quarter, i.e. between January and March.

Previous micro-expansion Entrenchment expanded the game's defensive options early this year for a modest £6.50 / $10.

"It's one of those rare strategy games that actually has its own view of how the genre should work," said Kieron on his way to slapping a 9/10 on Sins when it was first released.