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Sins of a Solar Empire add-on dated

Beta-polished and out this month.

Stardock has said Sins of a Solar Empire add-on Entrenchment will be ready to digitally download from 25th February.

The micro expansion, which had been expected last November, was held back so Stardock and developer Ironclad could run a beta test and use player feedback to hone the game.

There's even time for a second testing phase now, according to the official Sins of a Solar Empire website.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment will cost just under USD 10 (GBP 6.50), and add lots of defensive improvements to the brilliant PC space-strategy game: better turrets, hangars with guns, flying fortresses and more.

Ironclad will also tidy the overall graphics as well as tweak existing units.

All of which should make Sins of a Solar Empire even more irresistible. Head over to our Sins of a Solar Empire review to find out why.