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Microsoft answers Live Tenure queries

How long have you been Gold for?

Microsoft has answered a bunch of questions about the new Xbox Live Tenure feature, otherwise known as the little number that shows how long you have been a Gold subscriber for.

The maximum number of years is currently six, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb reminds us - although this changes to seven tomorrow, 13th August.

As of next week, everybody who has been a Gold subscriber for over a year will display a number. Logically, any time spent as a Silver member does not count. And Tenure will no longer be reset after 14-days as a non-Gold member.

The "Member Since" date on the Xbox.com Account page is not your Tenure, by the way - but the date you last upgraded to a Gold membership. To find out your Tenure, log-in to the Billing and Account Management page.

So, who has the highest?

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