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EVE-maker reveals console MMO/FPS

Dust 514 interacts with PC game.

CCP has ended speculation and unveiled Dust 514, an MMO/FPS hybrid for consoles that will interact "directly" with flagship PC title EVE Online.

Battles within Dust 514 take place on the ground, on the surface of planets that exist within the world of EVE Online. But no further details on the interplay between the two games is given.

There's no preliminary release date nor specific mention of platforms, either.

CCP does say that Dust 514 has been in production for three years at CCP Shanghai, however, and there are two CGI-like screenshots to take in.

Combat within Dust 514 will be "equal parts battlefield reflexes and strategic planning", with weapons and vehicles that are configurable in real-time. There are infantry and commander roles mentioned, although their exact duties are unclear.

CCP says to expect more at its annual fan event this October.