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PS Home game-launching this autumn

Finally. Update brings other toys, too.

Sony has announced that PS3 game-launching within PlayStation Home will be a reality this autumn. This was a feature trumpeted loudly when Sony announced Home in March 2007.

Game-launching arrives as part of update 1.3, and will apparently work across all PS3 titles. Pop the disc in the console and follow the on-screen prompts to begin, says the US PlayStation blog - it's as simple as that. And some games will have "varying degrees of additional multiplayer functionality built in".

The update also brings in-store item previewing - both clothing and furniture - and lets you rent consumable items such as the shrink potion.

Portable objects will be introduced too, such as free cameras that you can snap things with (in first and third-person view) and display in frames in your Home space.

There are a raft of minor additions as well. Avatars will get additional emotes and poses, and there are new categories of clothing. The targeting system has been "optimised", a new queuing system introduced, bugs fixed and a cache-size option added to speed things up.

The SingStar space announced during the Sony gamescom conference will launch around the same time, too.

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