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Batman: Arkham Asylum slips on PC

Realistically, thanks to PhysX inclusion.

Eidos has pushed the PC release of Batman: Arkham Asylum back to 18th September.

The date arrives as NVIDIA confirms PhysX support for the game, which enables thick fog to spew down corridors, cobwebs to cling and tear, and office paper, cans and littler to leap into the air as Batman swoops on his prey.

And that's not all: wall tiles will chip, stone pillars will crumble, and broken glass and debris will tinkle and crunch around Batman's rubber boots.

To enable that you need an NVIDIA graphics card (GeForce 8-series or newer), the latest drivers and the Games for Windows - Live game.

PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum launch on 28th August.