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Wii GH5 to stream from large SD cards

Feature enables 32GB of DLC space.

Developer Vicarious Visions has said Guitar Hero 5 will be the first Wii game to stream content from high-capacity SD memory cards, which can be as large as 32GB.

And booting straight from the cards is possible, according to IGN, which means easier downloads and quicker data transfers.

Activision reckons over 800 songs can fit in that space: songs with better audio quality, note data, album art, motion-capture animation triggers and song-specific displays. A new Rock Archive will offer easy access to the SD card contents, which can then be sorted and imported.

To help fill the SD card, previously-bought DLC will be transferable to GH5, albeit for a small cost.

The Wii Music Store also offers more than single-song downloads, now; full track packs, albums and queues of songs can be stacked for transfer.

It's one step closer to decking the Wii version out with the features inherent to PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

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