Wii Music


Wii Music 2 in the works?

Miyamoto thinks it deserves an encore.

Gears 2 tops US chart for November

COD and Wii titles also doing well.

UK charts: World at War calls the shots

Banjo, Mirror's Edge, Wii Music struggle.

PS3 sales reach new low in Japan

Wii Music struggles, 360 going strong.

No MotionPlus support for Wii Music

But Miyamoto keen on future inclusion.

Miyamoto: Guitar Hero a "cover band"

Wii Music the real-creation-deal.

First Wii Music tracks revealed

Mario, Zelda, AC themes included.

Fils-Aime: Wii Music is difficult actually

"We made it appear too simple."

Nintendo announces Wii Music date

Sorts out schedule for end of 2008.

Wii Music gets US release date

It's out over there next month.

Wii Music

Nintendo drums up hype.

Wii Music playing in October in Japan

Europe yet to hear anything.

Nintendo denies ignoring core gamers

But Iwata is sorry about E3 briefing.

Wii Music

Racket game.

Wii Music

Blow that horn.

Nintendo introduces us to Wii Music

Over 50 instruments to play.