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It looks like Nintendo is working on Wii Music for Wii U

Will this drum up Wii U sales?

Nintendo has patented a game that looks suspiciously like a Wii U version of Wii Music.

The patent's descriptions and images (dug up by NeoGAF) show a music game where players perform various roles in an ensemble.

Individual users can have their own performance played via speakers in their GamePad, in addition to the overall sound coming from your TV.

"Conventionally, there is a game apparatus that outputs the sound of performing one composition as an ensemble using a plurality of instruments," the patent's description reads. "In the game apparatus, a user selects a part to be assigned to the user themselves.

"When the selection of the assigned part is completed, the ensemble is started. Then, the user can participate in the ensemble by performing an input operation based on the assigned part."

The original Wii Music arrived back in 2008 to mixed reviews after a long development period.

Worked on since at least 2005, the concept was memorably shown off by Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto at the company's 2006 E3 press conference, where the designer turned up in a tux to direct a live rendition of the Legend of Zelda theme.

It turned up on stage at E3 2008, too, in a memorable (for the wrong reasons) appearance where drummer "Ravi" shook a Wii Remote and Nunchuk in the air for what felt like hours to play an imaginary set of drums.