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No MotionPlus support for Wii Music

But Miyamoto keen on future inclusion.

Nintendo brain Shigeru Miyamoto has said Wii Music will not support for the fancy MotionPlus peripheral. This, remember, clips into the bottom of the Wiimote and adds a gyroscopic sensor allowing six degrees of motion-sensing freedom.

The idea, according to Miyamoto, is to make Wii Music accessible to as many people as possible. But if MotionPlus takes off, things could be different.

"But I would think, going forward, once we have an installed base for Wii MotionPlus that's large enough, then we would look at potentially doing a version of Wii Music that includes other instruments where, if you do have one or maybe two Wii MotionPlus devices, then you would have much greater ability to... It would be an instrument that would take great advantage of what Wii MotionPlus could do to allow you to perform music," Miyamoto told MTV Multiplayer.

Miyamoto said another reason for MotionPlus inclusion would be if Wii Music had been on the shelves for a while and fans were after a greater challenge from the game - which is supposed to be more difficult that appearances lead us to believe during the recent E3 demonstration.

"In an instance like that then we might, perhaps, be looking at what we can do with Wii MotionPlus to create those instruments that are a lot more difficult and challenging to play, but give the player perhaps greater satisfaction because they have more direct control of the sounds they are creating. We could even perhaps start experimenting with that relatively soon," added Miyamoto.

Wii Music will be released in Europe on 14th November.

MotionPlus will be bundled with Wii Sports Resort, which is not expected to arrive until spring next year, although no solid date has been given.

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