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Nintendo introduces us to Wii Music

Over 50 instruments to play.

Nintendo has given us lots more details on its ambitious-but-friendly Wii Music title.

Shigeru Miyamoto took to the E3 press conference stage playing a saxophone by blowing into the Wiimote and then spoke about the game. He said Wii Music was designed alongside Wii Sports right back at "the beginning".

Wii Music is designed for "everyone including people who can't read music and can't play real instruments". You don't have to follow rhythm guides or notes to play along. All you have to do is move your hands and body like you would while playing the real thing and the game picks up on that and plays a note that fits the song.

More than 50 instruments will be present in the game, including drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, and violin. The drums use the Wii balance board as pedals, which we liked. "Robbie Drums" demonstrated it.

Nintendo will be including a variety of well-known songs such as some from its best-loved games: F-Zero and Super Mario were shown.

Four of you can play at once, although Miyamoto and pals demonstrated it with five. You can also film your performances somehow, too, which we suspect is a reference to in-game recordings of your Miis going at it.

Mii support is in, of course,and the whole package looked hilarious. Look out for more on Wii Music soon.