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Defense Grid given XBLA date

Renowned PC game plus add-on.

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Hidden Path Entertainment has announced a 2nd September XBLA launch for Defense Grid: The Awakening.

This version, which costs 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80/€9.60), includes the never-before-released Borderlands mission pack. Inside are four advanced levels and a handful of new challenge modes to best.

Defense Grid has around 10 hours of gameplay without that, and has won many plaudits on PC, including those from friend of Eurogamer Rock Paper Shotgun. Original concerns involved a high price, but that was soon trampled down to £3.50.

The game itself involves building and upgrading towers to keep baddies at bay. You might call it tower defence. There are 10 towers each with two upgrade possibilities. Sounds simple, but the strategies pour out like brain matter.

There's a demo on Steam or Greenhouse, where you can also buy the full PC game.

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