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Rocksteady working on new Hitman?

Motion-capture actor's CV drops hint.

Where would we be without loose-lipped actors and concept artists? Joystiq has spotted an actor's CV which suggests that Batman: Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady is to take the Hitman reins from IO Interactive.

Mark Sloan spent some time last year doing motion capture for a "Hitman 5 videogame" at "Rocksteady Limited", according to his website.

Denmark's IO created the Hitman series and has developed all the games to date. It's owned by Eidos, which also has a close relationship with Rocksteady, publishing both Batman and its enjoyable 2006 FPS, Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

It would be a departure for the popular Hitman games, although IO is busy with Mini Ninjas and a Kane & Lynch sequel, and Rocksteady is currently enjoying a healthy buzz around Arkham Asylum's brutal stealth gameplay.

That game is out in two weeks for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. More at the Batman: Arkham Asylum gamepage.