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Apple working on new gaming platform?

Analyst claims he's touched it and all.

Apple is working on a tablet computer specially designed for playing games and media.

That's according to a report by researchers Barron's (as recounted by 9to5mac). Apparently one analyst has seen the device first-hand. He reckons the hi-def video content is particularly impressive, stating, "It's better than the average movie experience when you hold this thing in your hands."

The analyst said the computer will be unveiled in September and will go on sale in November, priced at $700 - $800.

Manufacturers are said to be so excited they're clearing space in their factories in readiness. "It's close enough now to a final design that in Asia, there's no other product in the waiting room or in the bullpen," the analyst said.

"There are dozens of ODMs [original device makers] making products for Lenovo and other PC makers that are all waiting to see what the Apple product is."

Another analyst, John Peddie, reckons the computer could perform a wide variety of multimedia functions. He added, "Gaming will be a big part of what this is about."