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Blizzard in Diablo III console talks

Plus: details from Q&A panel.

A console version of Diablo III may be close to becoming reality, after Blizzard claimed it was "theoretically possible" last year.

"Paul Sams of Blizzard says they haven't ruled out Diablo III for consoles, and are currently talking to the first parties," Tweeted GameTrailers TV editor Geoff Keighley, who might know a thing or two.

Diablo III made headlines over the weekend after Blizzard unveiled the Monk class at BlizzCon 2009. He's fast, he's furious and he makes enemies explode by pummelling them with lightning Street Fighter-like combos. Look at him go.

A Diablo III Q&A panel followed, and had less glitzy - but no less important - information to share.

Blizzard is going out on a limb to prevent item hacking this time around, and using experience from Diablo II and WOW to ensure item-duplicators are not welcome. Loot stealing will not be possible either, as players will only see the items they are entitled to.

PvP will be a big focus for Diablo III, but the 'hostile' system will not return. A new, better idea will be settled upon, and aims to support the enthusiastic duelling community.

A Hardcore-like mode will definitely feature, and there will be something similar to gambling - although with significant changes.

Travel time will be reduced and exits scattered throughout dungeons, and gold will be more meaningful and given sparingly as a result.

Blizzard wants a "much better" matchmaking system in Diablo III, but hasn't implemented many Battle.net features yet as StarCraft II has been the focus of the platform.

Diablo III will have no quest phasing like World of Warcraft, no crafting (yet) and no map editor.

Expect our Diablo III impressions from BlizzCon 2009 soon.