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VC gets Revenge of Shinobi

Plus: Bonsai Barber and DSi city maps.

The Revenge of Shinobi leads the Virtual Console/WiiWare/DSiWare update today. And that trip down Mega Drive lane costs 800 Nintendo Points (£5.60 / €8).

Meanwhile, on WiiWare, there is Bonsai Barber, a tree sculpting and painting game where customers need managing or business will be lost. Bonsai Barber costs 1000 NP (£7 / €10).

Last but not least are a bunch of city maps for DS: City Transport Map Volumes 1 & 2. The first volume tackles Paris, Dublin, Rome, Madrid and Lisbon, while the latter volume covers London, Hamsterdam, Prague, Moscow and Berlin. Maps are navigable on the touch screen, and markers like pictures and notes can be added. Volumes are 500 NP each (£3.50 / €5).