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EA dates Spore Wii, DS

Hero and Hero Arena for October.

EA will release Wii game Spore Hero and DS game Spore Hero Arena here on 9th October.

Both have been built specially for each platform. Wii title Spore Hero takes the creature stage of Spore and explodes it into a full action/exploration game, which is painted in colourful, family-friendly shades.

The idea is to save your creature's home planet from being destroyed, collecting new legs and eyes and body-bits along the way. There's multiplayer brawling, too.

The DS' Spore Hero Arena is similar, but has its own story and focuses more on arena-restricted battles than free-roaming action-adventure. There's also multiplayer, for either four locally or two over Wi-Fi.

Check out our hands-on impressions of Spore Hero to find out more.

We've got fresh batches of Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena screenshots too.