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Ubisoft announces Silent Hunter 5

First-person captain's view and more.

Ubisoft has unveiled Silent Hunter 5 for PC and said the latest in the submarine simulation series will be released in early 2010.

Silent Hunter 5 builds on past instalments by introducing a new first-person captain's view for inspecting the inside of your German U-boat, and also promises a new user interface that should tick boxes for beginners and veterans alike.

Check out our Silent Hunter 5 screenshot gallery for the first images of the game.

Developer Ubisoft Romania intends for you to interact with your crew as you saunter around in first-person (presumably not bunny-hopping), issuing orders and plotting your strategy for engaging those pesky Allies.

We're also told to expect "new locations, upgrades and resupply possibilities", along with Allied ships that readjust dynamically to your actions, and a campaign that evolves depending on them.

The game's being shown at gamescom in Cologne this week.