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Titan busy fixing Fat Princess

"We have it largely addressed."

Developer Titan Studios is busy fixing Fat Princess, and working on ironing out Ice Mage abuse, difficulty joining games and rank and point balance issues.

That's according to Titan's blog, where you can find an email address made specially handle the "flood" of bug-reports, complaints, praise and suggestions.

Fat Princess launched here last Thursday and scored a a 6/10 from Eurogamer.

The multiplayer tactical game has also suffered from accusations of lag and connection problems.

Titan has "a fix in testing" that should single-out low-pinging servers when searching, and has already established tweaks to sooth connection issues.

"We have already tested this patch on our own client machines, and performance appears to be dramatically improved. We are working with Sony now to get the patch into the Sony testing process as soon as possible," said the developer.

"For those of you having trouble - thanks again for your patience. Fat Princess went through comprehensive testing with Sony in the US and Europe, and a beta, but these issues did not manifest until the game went live at scale. Rest assured, we’re working on it, and think we have it largely addressed."