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Gradual XMB changes "right way to go"

Yoshida talks down NXE-style revamp.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida reckons that the PlayStation 3 interface will be sufficient to cope with current volumes of content and that the platform holder's "incremental approach" to revisions is "the right way to go".

"I think it's the right step forward. Especially we wanted to make the PlayStation 3 a bit more alive-feeling, something you want to check out and boot up every day and see what's going on," Yoshida told Eurogamer at gamescom today in light of the firmware 3.0 announcement yesterday evening.

"Definitely there's no sense this is the ultimate user interface for the PS3, but the incremental approach that we are taking is I think the right way to go," he said, when asked whether Sony would ever need to make a New Xbox Experience-style revision to the XMB.

Yoshida also told us he wouldn't make any promises about the PS3 motion controller appearing at the Tokyo Game Show, despite what was said yesterday, but he did say there was lots of good progress in that area.

Which, hopefully, you'll be able to appreciate if we get the chance to transcribe the full thing before we go home. Cross your fingers.

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