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New PS3 firmware spruces up PSN

BBC iPlayer, voucher cards arriving soon.

Sony has revealed PS3 firmware 3.0, which adds dynamic themes and avatars (both free and premium) and will be rolled out "soon".

That's according to the US PlayStation blog, which has a nifty video to watch showing all the upcoming features.

The post coincided with Sony's gamescom conference keynote, where we heard that the iPlayer will soon be officially supported and that PSN voucher cards will be available in shops from September in €20 and €50 denominations.

PS3 firmware 3.0 also adds a What's New section to keep you abreast of the fresh content sliding in, while Sony has visually spruced up the XMB, added more shortcuts for the PlayStation Store and rearranged the Friends List.

A Status Indicator has been added to the right corner of the screen to show your user icon, friend count, message tray and a scrolling news ticker. Firmware 3.0 also lets developers break Trophy lists into sub-categories for easy navigation, so you can see how many are left to collect.