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Champions lifetime subs sell out

Update: No they don't!

Cryptic has sold out of the lifetime and six-month subscriptions for its new superhero MMO Champions Online, forcing it to close the offer early. The deals were originally intended to stay open until the game's launch next week on 1st September.

Fans hoping to take advantage of the offers - which included guaranteed beta access to Star Trek Online among their perks - have kicked up a fuss on the forums, saying Cryptic didn't make the numerical limit to the offers clear enough.

This prompted a response from the developer. "We do sincerely apologize for the rather abrupt end to the promotional offers... Frankly, we never suspected our special offers to be so popular," Cryptic said in a statement, according to IncGamers.

"While we did mention that supplies were limited in an announcement post, we definitely should have emphasised our limits more explicitly in all our messaging. Again, we just never expected supply to be any kind of an issue. The community response to our offers has been... amazing," continued the MMO developer, trying really hard to sound apologetic and not at all smug.

Champions Online launches in Europe on PC on 4th September - that's next Friday. More on the Champions Online gamepage.

Update: Minutes after finishing this story, we read that Cryptic had decided to reinstate the lifetime and six-month offers with no supply limit until midnight, Pacific time, on 31st August. Panic over.