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Champions offers $200 lifetime subs

Pre-order only, Star Trek beta access too.

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Cryptic is offering lifetime and six-month subscription deals to people with pre-order codes for its imminent superhero MMO, Champions Online.

Not counting the cost of the game itself, lifetime subs cost $199.99, and six months of gameplay costs $59.99. The cost in euros or sterling isn't confirmed, but at current exchange rates would be around £120 / €140 for the lifetime susbcription and £35 / €40 for six months.

These deals are only available until the end of August - just before the game launches - and come with a number of incentives. Both lifetime and six-month subscribers get guaranteed access to the Star Trek Online closed beta and an exclusive art deco costume set.

The lifetime package also comes with an even more exclusive retro future costume set, a unique mirror universe outfit for Star Trek Online at that game's release, an in-game action figure and eight additional character slots.

Champions Online launches in Europe for PC on 4th September. More at the Champions Online gamepage.

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