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SCEE PS3 sales more than 10 million

23.7m worldwide, 27m PSN registrants.

Sony Europe boss Andrew House has revealed that PlayStation 3's global sales stand at 23.7 million, and that the console has sold more than 10 million units in SCEE regions.

Speaking at the graph end of the Sony gamescom conference, House also said that global PSP sales now stand at 52.9 million - 17 million of which were made in SCEE regions.

And then there's the PS2, "the Michael Schumacher of games consoles", which has sold 138.8 million, including 52 million in those all-important SCEE regions.

Elsewhere, Statto House mentioned that PlayStation Network now has over 27 million "registrants", including 11 million in the various necks of his woods, which represents a "connection rate" of 60 per cent.

Those 27 million people have been busy, too, amassing more than 560 million downloads for a total of $280 million in revenue. But will they pass those savings onto you? Find out as the conference continues.