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Japan charts: Dragon Quest IX rules roost

While Xbox 360 moves above PS3.

Dragon Quest IX has mustered 126,682 sales to soar back to the top of the Japanese chart, according to Media Create data for the week ending 16th August.

Its performance helps DSi and DS Lite combine to 95,857 units sold, which is just over double that of the nearest challenger Wii, which sold 47,732 consoles.

Wii champion Monster Hunter Tri holds on at four and hits a lifetime milestone of 750,000 units.

DS game Tomodachi Collection (Friend Collection) takes two this week, followed by Wii Sports Resort at three and SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2) at five.

The PSP is Japan's third most popular console with 39,882 units sold. Fourth, surprisingly, is Xbox 360 with 9162 consoles shifted. PS3 and PS2 are almost neck-and-neck with 5994 and 4907 units sold, respectively.

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