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Cage talks Trophies in Heavy Rain

"We found a solution."

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David Cage has made his peace with Sony's Trophy system for PlayStation 3, despite past concerns that it was at odds with the creative goals of his ambitious adventure game Heavy Rain.

"We found a solution," he told Eurogamer at gamescom today. "We understand that it can be important for many players and we wanted to support the system anyway, so we found something that is not destructive for the game, where you're not disturbed by the Trophies as you play."

When we spoke to Cage at developer Quantic Dream's Paris studio late last year, he told us that the Trophy system of giving players sparkly rewards for completing certain tasks was "not exactly what we're trying to achieve".

In the end though, it sounds as though the solution was simple: "We will probably display them between the scenes, so you know what you've achieved, but at the same time isn't an obstruction as you play," he explained today.

We're seeing Heavy Rain in more depth tomorrow, so look out for updates on the remaining two of the game's four playable characters - private detective Scott Shelby and soon-to-be-troubled father Ethan Mars - once we've gone through that.

In the meantime, check out our most recent Heavy Rain hands-on.

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