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Pyro denies reports of new Commandos

The internet's been up to its old tricks again.

Update: Pyro Studios has rubbished claims of a new Commandos game, calling them "totally false" and wishful thinking on the part of

"The news story that published is totally false," Pyro told Eurogamer Spain. "We always had in mind to bring back to life the Commandos series; this isn't something new, but nowadays there's nothing official or decided and everything is still a wish, nothing else."

"I think that the journalist turned the wish into news, and he quoted things that nobody said (I was in the gamescom and we always said to whoever asked, and was a lot of people, that perhaps in the future but nothing now).

We're only focused in the Planet 51 game and this is the only game that we're working on," Pyro added, pointing out that the Commandos mobile game may have caused confusion.

Original story:Pyro Studios reckons "the time is right" for Commandos to return, and so has set about bringing the real-time strategy series back to life.

"We're definitely working on a new Commandos, the time is right for it," Pyro Studios told (translated by Eurogamer Benelux).

The new game will go back to real-time strategy basics and ignore FPS and 3D transitions that Pyro admits were bad choices. This new instalment will feel a lot like Commandos 2, which was excellent, and awarded 9/10 on Eurogamer by a fresh-faced Tom Bramwell.

Pyro's currently working on a videogame adaptation of Planet 51, a Sony Pictures film written by Shrek-maker Joe Stillman. Once production wraps on that and the game ships this November, then can Pyro focus on Commandos again.

No platforms or dates were mentioned.

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